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Holiday Programmes

Why not use some of your Primary School Sport Premium to provide your pupils with holiday programmes within the safe environment of their own school.

Ofsted will now assess and report on how effectively schools are using the new PE and School Sport Funding to increase the breadth of their PE and sport provision so that all pupils develop healthy lifstyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. One good example of how this funding might be spent include schools providing places for pupils on holiday courses. 

What A Racquet Coaching Services can provide highly qualifed and experienced coaches (all DBS cleared) to run a bespoke holiday course on your school site for pupils at a cost of only £10 per child per day 
(minimum of 20 children with 2 coaches). 

You may want to specifically target your least active or SEND pupils or maybe provide additional activity for a group of Gifted & Talented children, whatever you decide What A Racquet Coaching  can organise and run a course to your exact requirements. 

            To discuss your requirements please contact the office on 
                     01642 890270 / 07976 370106 or by emailing   

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